winemaking in provence

Winemaking in Provence

26 centuries of history in a single glass of wine 

Every glass of wine from Provence you enjoy is part of a long history stretching back over two and a half millennia! When the Phoceans founded Marseille 2600 years ago, these Ancient Greek settlers introduced a fabulous plant for the first time in France – the grapevine. Provence can therefore be considered the very first vineyard of France. Since then, the tradition of planting vineyards and producing wine has spread, but the grapevines have never left our region. 

Since the Middle Ages, the Provence region’s economy has revolved around grape production and the selling of wine. The abbeys of Le Thoronet on the Lérins Islands, Saint-Pons in Nice and Saint-Victor were initially the producers of church wine.

In the 14th century, a proclamation by the Dukes of Burgundy declared the wine of Provence to be that of the Pope and the King of France. The great noble families of the kingdom, people of note, and the major officers of the royal army acquired numerous Provençal vineyards. This was the beginning of modern winemaking in Provence.

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