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Doux Rosé Pamplemousse,

  • Contenance: Bouteille 75 cl
  • Tranche de prix: Entre 0 et 11 euros
  • Alcool: 6.5 % vol (flavored cocktail)

9,50 / bottle

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The grapes used for this cuvée are of Mediterranean origin and bring a sun-drenched fruitiness. The wines are filtered under isobarometric pressure with micron filters. Moreover, to preserve a more intense freshness, the malolactic fermentation is not carried out.

Setting of foam and aging
The setting of foam, carried out directly in tank for a better homogenization, is done by addition of yeasts and sugar. The bottling is immediate after the vinification.

The grapefruit rosé has a fruity touch and a pleasant freshness. Composed of natural aromas, our product benefits from a good balance between the roundness of the attack and the liveliness of the acidic finish.

Wine pairing : Appetizer

Out of stock

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